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With the Album "Portraits" I initiated a research about the links  between  Visual Arts and Music through Bass Trombone improvisation and sound design.

The perspective of finding an idiomatic link between both appeared while starting composing "Portraits" and I found an endless source of musical inspiration through the spectrum of visual artists and Contemporary Art.

It appeared to me very interesting to try to create a musical  imaginative painting representing  the work of a visual artist or the visual artist itself.

Here are some examples comissioned of this work:

Technology and Bones(3).png

Portrait of painter Georg  Dick :

You can find more about Georg's work here

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 10.40.22 AM.png

Portrait of painter Simone Geraci :

You can find more about Simone's work here


Portrait of painter Maurizio Pometti  :

You can find more about Maurizio's work here

Portrait of of a piece of Art by Fiber Artist Grazia Inserillo :

You can find more about Grazia's work here


Maurizio working on his "Dormire Con I Fantasmi" serie ,

Palermo, 2019.


Detail of "Somewhere" by Grazia Inserillo embroidery on  tulle, 2021.

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Portrait of Performance Artist Carla Ricevuto:

"See You, See You" Music Video extract from "Portraits" Album, 2021.


Detail of "Breath" (2020 ) , full footage here.

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