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Technology And Bones is my most personal project.

I started around 2014 and the idea to mix sound samples of every day life objects and music elements came out from the discovery of the website of Sound Of Changes and the movie "Birdman" directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu released that same year.

What struck me in this movie was also  the perfect musical mix between drum master and composer Antonio Sanchez and the soundscape of the movie.

From this initial impulse, I started experimenting with electro-acoustic music, improvisation to build my own language.

In 2016 I released  "Technology And Bones" which was focused our connections as humans with disappearing soundscapes. This album has been founded with crowdfunding and for the most generous donators, I offered them to do a sound portrait of them under the album name " Dedication to the Bones".

This initiated the process of portraiting people or objects with an abstract medium: Music.

Following this inspiration I released in 2021 "Portraits" that combines portraits of persons and visual painters but also ideas, and buildings.

With the Album "Portraits" I initiated research about the links between  Visual Arts and Music through Bass Trombone improvisation and sound design.

The perspective of finding an idiomatic link between both appeared while starting composing "Portraits" and I found an endless source of musical inspiration through the spectrum of visual artists and Contemporary Art.

It appeared to me very interesting to try to create a musical  imaginative painting representing  the work of a visual artist or the visual artist itself.

This work directly inspired the creation of "Music On Canvas"  my new album release in May 28th 2024.

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